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About Contently Curated

Who We Are

Running a business is challenging, and there are many aspects to focus on. Marketing is an extremely important aspect for every business, as this is the way to get the word out about your company and attract new clients. 

However, as times change, marketing systems need to change as well. 

The demands from customers change quickly, there is more of a dependence on technology, and a constant social media presence is imperative.


Allow us to collaborate with you as your social media services provider to align your overall business goals with social media.


We are a full-service social media agency that simplifies marketing for e-comms and lifestyle brands and guides them to target audiences and desired business growth.

With a team of experienced social media professionals who understand the need for creativity backed with data, we deliver the utmost services amplified with technology tools for social media marketing that is directly tied to our client’s goal.


Result-driven marketing is the cornerstone of our services. Our mission is to connect brands to their audience. We are curators, we specialize in people-based marketing: social, email, content and emerging media. We are here to guide rad  brands like yours to your target audience through social media using creativity, data and technology.


We strive to always keep it simple and avoid complex messages.

We understand our client’s needs and how important their businesses are to them. We empathize with them on how far they’ve built and we are pleased to be a part of their brand journey.

We collaborate with our clients to ensure the end result is business growth whatever form it looks like. We collaborate with our company and its partners to execute and produce business growth.

Social Media is an integral part of our client's business. Our goal is to keep delivering beyond expectations and gaining their trust.

Psalms 90:17- “O Lord Our God, Let your sweet beauty rest upon us. Come work with us, and our work will endure, you will give us success in all we do”  is our company verse so everything we do is unique because our source is different.


About Uche

Uchechi Ihuomah, Owner of Contently Curated.

Proudly an Igbo Princess from the Eastern Region of Imo State and currently living in West-African Metropolitan city Lagos, Nigeria.

Uche graduated from Abia State University with a B. A in Mass communication in 2015 and got right into Social Media Marketing by landing jobs with SME E-commerce and Fashion Publications helping them leverage their brand reach on social media.

In 2019, after losing her job, with time and a smartphone, her then 24-year-old self decided not to wait to land another job. According to Uche, this was a freelancer’s hustle that transitioned  into a creative powerhouse aiming to be the foremost beyond-social media marketing agency for lifestyle brands.

During her time off from work, Uche creates and shares content about her lifestyle, personal growth, being a Creative Entrepreneur, and renewing her mind through the Word of God.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are hyped to have you onboard. To get started, please fill out our inquiry form and we will be in touch if we think we are a good fit for you with a link to book a free discovery session.

Once payment is received, our onboarding process begins to acquire all brand assets, visuals and create a social media plan, this is usually done within 7-10 working days.

Yes, we create custom branded content with brand assets and visuals that you provide during onboarding. We also recommend quarterly and bi-annually brand photo sessions.

On a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, our team will send over a content grid and plan for your approval.

No, we don’t guarantee revenue growth. We understand that social media is for building awareness and driving traffic to offers but we have very limited control of actual sales conversion. We provide strategies and tactics that have been successful in increasing revenue for other clients in similar industries.

We recommend a minimum of 90 days of consistency to see results. 

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