Simplified Social Media Solutions For Rad Brands   



Super Premium Vodka, Laplandia reached when they struggled with communicating the Finnish established vodka in the Nigerian market. They had a poor social media presence, lacked quality content and were misguided in building effective social media marketing strategy and execution. We joined the Laplandia Team to help define their Brand with Brand Translation services with our Design partner, Dhemin Design. As the wine & spirits industry can be competitive, we leverage the importance of content marketing by creating visually appealing content which boosted brand visuals by 100%. Alongside the management of social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, we were able to increase brand awareness and reach by 505.1% within 6 months of posting.


  • Brand Translation
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation & Marketing
  • Campaign Management.


  • 1M in organic reach
  • 250% increase in content engagement
  • Boost in Brand Affinity & Recognition
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